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Smart and innovative solutions for those who want to have their private data always available online and secure.

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Why use Plus4U?

  • All the important data in one place
    Do not rummage files or shoeboxes anymore. Use a personal portal with links to the information you need. Find information in just few seconds.
  • Never forget anything again
    Schedule reminders for wedding anniversaries, friends´ birthdays, regular health check-ups, pets´ vaccinations, vehicle inspections, regular fees and payments, simply anything you do not want to forget.
  • Share information, communicate with friends
    Start clubs and share documents, photos or videos; communicate with family, friends or colleagues. Organize gatherings and communicate with others in private.
  • Authorized personnel only
    Grant access to your information only to people appointed by you.
  • Online space for your data
    With Plus4U you get online space up to 5GB completely free of charge.
  • Secure data
    Data stored in a modern data center is much safer than on your personal computer. We guarantee professional security and regular backup of your data.
  • Constant access
    Use the opportunity of being able to work anywhere, at any time, on any type of device. All you need is an Internet connection. We guarantee a 99,9 % availability.
  • Be online and communicate in a convenient way
    Connect to the Internet, communicate, text or share your data everywhere in the Czech Republic or abroad at low cost with our special +4U Mobile tariffs.

What people say about Plus4U?

Jméno Osoby

Plus4 helps me to manage not just work tasks, but my private things in +4U My Territory too. I use +4U My Territory for schoolling and exams planning. Recently, I also appreciated the reminder of Opencard charge, which sometimes I forget.

Andrea Grämerová
Jméno Osoby

With +4U Mobile tariffs I can make calls and to be connected to the Internet without limits and for the best price.

Daniel Novák