+4U Fair Pay

Plus4U Universal Payment Channel


By using a Fair Pay account you can pay for Plus4U products and services in a comfortable and secure way.

Swift, Simple, Secure and Free of Charge


+4U Fair Pay allows you to make purchases up to available credit balance or the limit set on your Fair Pay account. The credit can be easily recharged.

There is a transaction overview available online with currently paid payments immediately reflected in the transaction history.

Only authorized Plus4U services, based on an order by the user, can withdraw money from your Fair Pay account.

There are no fees for establishing or administrating a Fair Pay account.

Personal as well as corporate Fair Pay accounts


Both individuals and companies can draw the benefits of a +4U Fair Pay account.

Personal Fair Pay account
Account for private customers or sole propretiors.

Corporate Fair Pay account
Account for business customers.

Charging credit
to +4U Fair Pay accounts


+4U Fair Pay account credit can be charged via wire transfer or you can choose one of the monthly payment methods.

  • Collection
  • Wire transfer
  • Guaranteed +4U Fair Pay account

Guaranteed +4U Fair Pay Account

An account which allows associates and employees to pay payments by deduction from wages.

The employer guarantees your purchases up to an arranged limit without your need to set up collection or charge credit to the Fair Pay account.

At the end of the month, +4U Fair Pay will bill your employer for your purchases, which will then be deducted from your wages.

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