+4U Workspace

Management of tasks, messages, and calendar


Plus4U users manage all their messages, tasks and meetings in +4U Workspace.

All tasks and messages in one place


The task list enables you to manage both private and work-related issues in one place.

Keep your private and work-related tasks in one place, and filter them according to your needs.

Keep track of the state of your tasks.

It is easy to create, filter, and manage tasks in the task list.

You will never miss a thing thanks to email notifications of new tasks and messages.

Become masters of your time


The calendar enables you to keep track of your meetings and plan both private and work-related activities.

Keep track of your business and private meetings as well as your free time.

Filters, and various calendar view settings give you a perfect control of your time.

Be mobile and synchronize the meetings planned in Plus4U with your mobile devices´calendars using +4U Calendar.

Quick and easy navigation within Plus4U


+4U Navigator enables Plus4U users to get to information quickly and easily. 
You can find links to basic Plus4U services in the upper part of the +4U Navigator.
You can find links to your own Plus4U products and services in the bottom part of the +4U Navigator.From +4U Menu, adjust quick links in +4U Navigator, so that you can always keep everything important in Plus4U at hand.

Notepad always at hand


+4U Notepad is a simple and convenient notepad, always accessible on your iOS or Android devices.

Take notes anywhere, at any time; upload photos and videos. Work comfortably, even without an Internet connection.

Share information from other applications. Create notes directly from applications such as Youtube (share) or Gallery.

Store your work and private notes separately within one application, and switch freely between them.

Synchronize your devices with Plus4U, and have constant access to your notes. The application will automatically synchronize your data when connected.

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