+4U People

Find and contact other Plus4U users


+4U People application provides basic information about Plus4U users and enables others to find and contact them easily.

User profile


By using +4U People you can control your personal information which is accessible to other people and services.

It is up to you how much of your personal information you decide to share.

Individual pieces of data can easily be made inaccessible.

Invitations to +4U


Invite your friends and colleagues to the world of Plus4U.

Do you want to share information with your friends and colleagues? Find them among other Plus4U users and send them an invitation to your +4U Club or your +4U Business Territory.

Have you failed to find your friends or business partners among Plus4U users? Send them an invitation to Plus4U and share information in your +4U Club or in the +4U Business Territory of your organization.

Finding and contacting Plus4U users


Approach your friends and colleagues via messages.

Find a desired contact simply and swiftly among all the Plus4U Internet service users.

Send a message to your colleagues and acquaintances with a single click.