+4U My Territory

Safe space for your private data


+4U My Territory is an online space where you can store and administrate private information and share it with your family and friends.

Simple storage and sharing information


Use +4U My Territory to store documents, photos, videos and anything else of your choice.

  • Upload your data in any type of format e.g., .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .mpg, etc.
  • Make uploading of data easier by using ready-made templates.
  • Use +4U Notepad to take notes or upload photos and videos.
  • Use +4U Photogallery to create photo galleries and albums.

Never forget again!


You can organize and manage your private matters with +4U My Territory.

  • Manage your private property – a flat, a house, a car – plan out vehicle inspections, chimney inspections, etc.
  • Plan your meetings and create reminders for important dates and events – wedding aniversaries, friends´ birthdays, regular health check-ups, etc.
  • Keep a record of your contracts and interrelated tasks and obligations – due dates of payments, etc.
  • Manage your pets, plan out vaccinations and vet´s appointments.
  • And many more…

Share information in an easy and secure way


  • Use +4U Club to share the stored information easily and quickly and communicate right over the it with you family and friends.
  • Grant access to your information only to people appointed by you.
  • Determine, who can add and modify your information, and who will only be able to read them and make comments.


Why use +4U My Territory?


  • All in one place
    Do not rummage files or shoeboxes anymore. Use a personal portal with links to the information you need. Find information in just few seconds.
  • Free of charge for each Plus4U user
    Each Plus4U user has their own +4U My Territory.
  • Constant access
    All you need is an Internet connection. We guarantee a 99% availability.
    Choose how you want to manage your information – PC, tablet or smartphone.


  • Secure data
    Data stored in a modern data center is much safer than on your personal computer. We guarantee professional security and regular backup of your data.
  • Online space for you data
    +4U My Territory provides a space of up to 5GB, free of charge.
  • Budget-wise Internet connection
    Connect to the Internet, communicate, text or share your data everywhere in the Czech Republic or abroad at low cost with our special +4U Mobile tariffs.

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