+4U Mail

Email service with guaranteed availability
and reliability


+4U Mail is an IMAP Mailbox of a Plus4U Internet service user. It allows you to send and receive emails, store them and convert the received information into +4U My Territory and +4U Business Territory.

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Email service always
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You can use your mailbox Internet interface in Plus4U. With IMAP you can access your emails anytime, anywhere, on any device including laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Never forget again
with +4U Mail


Through +4U Postman, an application which is a standard component of our mailbox, you can convert any message to an artifact and send it to the Plus4U service. Your communication will thus be safely stored in +4U My Territory or +4U Business Territory.

You can easily plan tasks or events over your email messages. The planned activities will help you to keep track of everything and you will never forget anything important again.

Artifact with a email message can be easily attached to related documents. All the information will be in one place, always at hand.

Why use +4U Mail?


  • Privacy
    There is no monitoring of your emails by the employer or their indexing by search engines, and their content is never used for targeted advertising.
  • Guarantee of long-term availability
    +4U Mail backs up all the stored messages as well as any other Plus4U service information. This ensures a long-term availability of your email messages.
  • All in one place
    All your messages, documents and tasks are safely stored in one place.


  • 5GB mailbox quota
    Each Plus4U user has 5GB of storage space at their disposal.
  • Antivirus and antispam defense
    Advanced antivirus and antispam gateways block unsolicited and virus-infected emails.
  • Budget-wise Internet connection
    Connect to the Internet, communicate, text or share your data everywhere in the Czech Republic or abroad at low cost with our special +4U Mobile tariffs.