+4U Club

Sharing information with friends and family


In +4U Club, which is a part of My Territory, you can share information, photos, videos and documents; you can also schedule events, communicate with others, record your opinions and insights and do many other things there.

Share information and experiences with your friends


Use +4U Club to share information of your choice; share photos, videos or documents or use it to schedule events – simply anything you can think of.

  • Share photos and documents with your family and friends
  • Organize trips and events.
  • Share knowledge and experience (e.g., skiing, yachting)
  • Lead a discussion forum.
  • Manage private projects (e.g., garden house construction, …)

Coordinate the activities in your club


By assigning people into the right categories, you can coordinate their club activities. There are two categories.

Members, who are allowed to add, modify and delete club information and documents.

Guests, who are only allowed to read club information, leave comments and send messages.


Secure and easily accessible information


We handle the data in your clubs with the same care with which we handle +4U Business Territories of corporate customers.

 We keep the stored information well protected, backed up and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clubs can be closed or cancelled easily. All members and guests then immediately lose access to the club.

Make reference to your club in your tablet or smartphone using a QR code or a functional button.

Why use +4U Club?


  • It is easy, secure and without unnecessary costs. 
  • Free space for starting new clubs in your +4U My Territory.


  • Access to the stored information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Up to 5GB of basic storage space.

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