About Plus4U

Plus4U is an Internet service providing smart solutions for comunication, information sharing and cooperation to individuals, companies,
the self-employed and organizations.

Plus4U provides space on the Internet where you can share information with your community easily and offer your business to others.

In Plus4U you can organize the company, your private interests or other activities in your life.

The priority of Plus4U is maximal availability, absolute security and protection of the entrusted data.

The Plus4U Internet service is built on the Unicorn Universe information systems digital construction kit.

Plus4U Products and Services

Plus4U provides variuos on-line applications enabling comunication, information sharing and cooperation of individuals, companies, the self-employed and organizations. Mobile operator +4U Mobile provides advantageous mobile voice and internet conectivity tariffs. Central market place Mamut is available both for shopping and offering products to other Plus4U users. +4U Helpdesk is ready to help to all Plus4U users.Plus4U users are informed about Plus4U and world news by +4U News.

+4U Business Territory

+4U Business Territory enables the operation of both comprehensive information systems and easy solutions for the support of management, communication and cooperation in organizations. Business Territory is able to support the functioning of all important processes taking place in the organization or to focus on the selected ones. Thanks to Business Territory, you will have the course of events in your company or organization fully under control.

+4U My Territory

Each user of the Plus4U service is provided free of charge with their own separate space – +4U My Territory where he/she can organize and manage matters concerning their private life. For example, the user can manage private property (flat, house, car, …), register agreements with banks and other institutions, keep the family budget and control regular payments (phone, electricity, gas, …), look after pets etc. Selected information can be easily make accessible to family and friends, to discuss with them or to plan joint events. And all that safely and discretely.

Offer your products to the large number of the Plus4U users

The Plus4U service works as an important business channel between its users (no matter whether business undertakings or individuals are concerned). The service provides various tools for targeted promotion of your products and services. You can take advantage of easy and targeted communication; you can receive and realize orders directly through your solution in Plus4U.