What do people say about Plus4U?

Jméno Osoby

+4U Business Territory allows me to manage the college both in the office and from home. I have available all data about students, student achievement, teaching or research projects and international internships. Our students can online access learning materials, study results can communicate with classmates or teachers, turn in their homework, etc. It all anywhere and anytime!

Marek Beránek, Managing director of Unicorn College
Jméno Osoby

I'm responsible for management of Mamut Store of company REJOICE. We are very pleased that we can offer easily our products to Plus4 users. I like the easy communication and helpfulness.

Iveta Kodysová,
Jméno Osoby

Plus4 helps me to manage not just work tasks, but my private things in +4U My Territory too. I use +4U My Territory for schoolling and exams planning. Recently, I also appreciated the reminder of Opencard charge, which sometimes I forget.

Andrea Grämerová,
Jméno Osoby

+4U Business Territory gives me anytime and anywhere all information about company activities which I manage. Everything form contract information to particular tasks is well organized, easy to access and safely stored. Nowadays it is a high added value.

Karel Soukup, Manager, VIG Majordomus

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